The Story of Trigger Time

Trigger Time Gun Club (TTGC) is the realization of one man’s dream to make the joy and excitement of firearms accessible to people from all walks of life. Paul Gonzales, the owner/operator of TTGC wanted to create a safe, state-of-the-art facility where professional marksmen and those who have never held a firearm could come together and learn from each other in a family-friendly environment.

From an early age, Paul fell in love with the focus and precision of shooting a rifle at distant targets. “In those days,” recounts Paul, “going to a gun shop or shooting range meant being around very intimidating folk with lots of experience with weapons. It felt as though I needed real-world firearms experience before I’d be welcomed by everyone there.”

Paul’s vision was simple yet revolutionary: create a full-service facility capable of redefining what people think of firearms and the people who invest in them. As Paul says, “I wanted to create a space where people would feel comfortable regardless of their experience with handguns or rifles.”

The dream began to take shape when Paul, who was leading a construction project at the time, noticed a very long hallway in the building and the idea for an indoor rifle range was born. Land was purchased in the Spring of 2008 and in the Fall of that same year, Paul started hiring architects, engineers and contractors to commence work on TTGC.

Trigger Time Gun Club broke ground in the Spring of 2009. TTGC began accepting memberships while construction was still underway throughout the Summer and Fall. Paul personally led tours of the facility during various stages of construction and remembers, “I wanted to create and maintain a strong sense of family with our members and letting them see things unfold really got a lot of people excited.”

On Wednesday, February 10th, 2010 one man’s dream officially opened its doors to welcome our members to the new reality of indoor shooting ranges. Trigger Time Gun Club is, as Paul designed it, a friendly, state-of-the-art facility where anyone can experience the joy of a finely-crafted firearm and the precision of using it in a safe, controlled environment.

foundation2 Over our 9 months of construction we went from holes in the ground to a full service gun range! outside 2