Range Rules

For the Safety and Comfort of All Participants at the Club


Shooting safety is ultimately the responsibility of each individual member and guest. Trigger Time Gun Club (TTGC) will do its utmost to promote and ensure safe gun handling. We must rely on the members to bring unsafe behavior and situations to our attention.


All members and their guests are required to conduct themselves in an adult, responsible, safe manner at all times. Unsafe, disruptive, disrespectful, or unruly behavior will not be tolerated. Members are responsible for the insuring their guests understand and comply with the established TTGC range rules.


Members and guests are responsible for the safety and proper functioning of their firearms and ammunition, as well as their appropriate use.


Sight and hearing protection are required on the range at all times.


All Firearms will be carried into and out of the building in the following manner:Holstered: loaded or unloaded, concealed or unconcealed as permitted by Colorado law. Holstered firearms may not be drawn until the club member or guest is on the firing line.Cased, Boxed or bagged: unloaded only. When not firing, firearms will be pointed downrange with the actions open.

TTGC does not allow members or customers to carry firearms in hand in the parking lot or into the building. Carrying a loaded firearm in hand can result in immediate revocation of membership. All handling/carrying of firearms must be in compliance with current state and federal law.


TTGC reserves the right to inspect any and all firearms and ammunition prior to allowing their use in the facility.


All ammunition used in TTGC RENTAL FIREARMS must be purchased from TTGC.


Rental firearms are for the exclusive use of TTGC MEMBERS AND GUESTS. They cannot leave the building. Damage to rental firearms or associated accessories such as laser sights is the responsibility of the member.


Member and guest use of the range may be limited during peak use periods.  At the discretion of TTGC staff, members and their guest may be required to share a lane. Advanced online reservations will be accepted on a first come first serve basis. All guests must sign the TTGC liability waiver prior to using TTGC facilities.


Members who experience problems with firearms while on the firing line are required to leave their firearms at the firing line, pointed down range if seeking assistance from TTGC staff or other shooters. No loaded firearm may be carried by hand from the firing line or anywhere else in the building at any time.


All expended cartridge cases not retrieved by members become the property of TTGC. No expended cartridge cases that fall forward of the firing line may be retrieved by members at any time. Members are expected to clean up their expended cartridge cases and either take them home or deposit them in containers provided by TTGC.

12 All damage to the building or range facilities, through accidental or negligent actions is the financial responsibility of the member.

TTGC reserves the right to revoke any membership by refunding the member's initiation fee less the current administrative fee. Monthly dues are not refundable. Initiation fees WILL NOT be refunded for revocations resulting from violations of posted safety procedures.


Minors (under 18) must be under the direct supervision of an adult member TTGC member at all times.


Consumption of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs/substances and any impairing substance are prohibited on TTGC property. Persons under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or other impairing substances are not permitted on TTGC property.


All shooting must be deliberate, controlled aimed fire. Aimed/sighted fire is defined as having the shooters eyes aligned with the firearm sights. Use of laser sighting devices is considered sighted fire. Rifles and shotguns must be fired with the butt of the stock at the shoulder. Shoot at your designated target only. No cross range firing permitted.


Drawing from and/or firing from shoulder holsters, ankle holsters, small of the back holsters, fanny packs or backpacks is prohibited.


Teaching and/or instructing for a fee or profit by members or guests is prohibited. Do not offer other shooters unsolicited advise/assistance.


Pregnant women are not permitted on the range deck.


The following ammunition is prohibited:

  • Steel core or steel slug ammunition
  • Ceramic tipped
  • Armor piercing and tracer ammunition
  • Proof loads
  • Shotgun pellet loads
  • Barrett M33 .50 BMG ammunition
  • Any ammunition that will stick to a magnet on any part of the round.

NO food, drink, gum or tobacco products
are permitted on the range deck.


Smoking is prohibited in/on all TTGC property.


No pets are allowed inside the TTGC facility. An exception will be made for service dogs when necessary.


TTGC reserves the right to make and enforce
additional safety rules as needed.