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Progressive press...finally!

Progressive press...finally!

Been using my 4-stage indexing Lee Turret press for the past few years, whilst dreaming of some day buying a progressive so I can spend less time supporting our shooting "habit".  Finally got a Lee Pro 1000 (in 9mm) for my birthday in February; just been too busy to get it going until recently.
The Pro 1K is cheap....about $200 with the shell collator tray and a few extras, and I knew going in that they tend to be finicky compared to more expensive alternative brands. So straight off I decided to skip out on their most troublesome stage....the priming. The turret wheel is only 3-hole so that suited me fine. I removed the priming ram and feeder, the case decapper/sizer, moved the powder-thru-expander die to the first stage, and transplanted the factory-crimp die from my Lee Turret 9mm wheel. I mounted the decapper/sizer in it's own separate wheel. I also replaced the funky fragile bead-chain powder drop reset with a bungie cord.
So now I dump my collected range brass into the collator/shell-feeder with the single-stage decap/size die wheel and crank thru'em. Then tumble the now primer-less cases, which helps clean the primer pockets too. I purchased a Lee hand primer, and now hand-prime the cleaned brass. Then I dump the primed cases into the feeder and crank thru the 3 stages (powder/flare, seat/crimp, factory-crimp)....works slick and quick!
While there are now more "manual" steps, I  benefit from better quality-control when checking the cases and the primer seat. Also, the variety of steps involved breaks up the monotony of just crank-crank-crank-crank like I used to do on the 4-hole turret. I can now hand-prime cases while watching TV or other-wise relaxing.
Maybe not the best system for everyone, but if  you're on a budget this might work for you....I like it.

A few pix here.

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