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PJ Holster Review

PJ Holster Review

My new Glock 30SF IWB holster and IWB/OWB mag carrier from PJ Holster arrived last week. I've been testing them out and am very pleased thus far. For the $50 & $15 respectively I think they are a great value.

When ordering, you get to choose the Kydex thickness, clip style, belt-width for clip, color ($5 extra if not black), RH or LH, and any degree of desired cant. That's the beauty of custom holsters, you get to choose. So my order looked like this:

Magazine Carriers
Item #: MAG
Select Quantity:1, OWB Clip on, Choose Side: Right, Belt Width: 1.5, Bullet direction: Forward, Kydex Thickness: .080 in, Gun model: Glock 30SF

Inside Waistband Holsters
Item #: IWB
Select Model Type: Standard IWB, Choose Side: Left, Belt Width: 1.5, Select Belt Attachment Type: Over the belt clip on Loop, Gun Model: Glock 30SF, Additional Notes: 5 degree cant, for front IWB carry on left side

As you can see from the pics I added to my Glock folder here, these are simple yet elegant products, each formed from a single piece of Kydex with minimal fasteners (tension screws). The holster is sooo thin but sturdy and form-fits like a second skin, with a positive "snap!" lock into place. Tension needed no adjusting, but can be if desired.
The carrier fit is a bit more generic which is fine since that allows reversing the bullet direction depending on if IWB or OWB carried.
Both carrier and holster belt clips are sized perfectly for my 1.5" gun belts. Being Kydex, they don't "give" as leather or nylon would when empty which you may or may not like. I do like it in an IWB; re-holstering is a breeze. There is no "break-in" required.

The 5 degree cant I requested works great for me, anywhere from off-center front to behind the hip....YMMV.
Order turn-around time was a bit over 3 weeks. You can find video reviews on the site main page here.

<Image link>
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