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Best Beginner Hand Gun Class

Re: Best Beginner Hand Gun Class

MT2826 wrote:

What's a group?  What do you mean when you say shooting groups?

Just that....a group of shots, usually 3 to 5, keeping them as tightly together in placement on the target as possible. Crawl before we walk; learn to shoot slow accurate groups first then work on increased speed.

>how many rounds does a person need
Here is info Troy posted 04.09.11 on the old forum...in reply to a similar question you asked back then  wink :
"There is no real place to find Combat League information. We shoot every Thursday night from around 5:30-8:00. You can shoot any centerfire cartridge (most people shoot a 9mm or larger). Every week differs on what we do. Some weeks we shoot as far as about 20 yards, and some weeks we shoot as close at 5 yards. Round count also differs by the week. This past week, we shot 40 rounds but have shot as little as 18 rounds.
We use different targets every week. Sometimes some of our regular shooters bring in some targets, or we use some here at the range. Most of our targets we use have close to the same size scoring zone. Scoring on the targets differs by week. Some weeks we make it so that if you miss, we add time to your total time.
Scoring works by time divided by score. We add any penalties when we take time (misses some weeks, or hitting no shoots). We have a RO that has a shot timer. If you don't know how a shot timer works I can explain that.
There is no training required to shoot league. We just ask that you are safe with what you do (we have two RO's right with you). If you are unsure about doing anything in league, just ask myself or Ken.
The cost for Combat League is $10. At the first of May, we are no longer letting non-members shoot league. This is just because we have gotten such a big crowd that we cannot handle so many shooters in one night.
If you would like to shoot league come on by! We do not require that you have a holster (it is very helpful for us though!). If you don't have a holster, bring the gun in a bag and we can go from there. You will need to be able to carry up to 50 rounds on you in your magazines. I would recommend having the holster, and magazine holders.

Thank you,

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Re: Best Beginner Hand Gun Class

troy wrote:


We can work around the movement, but it is a pretty big way to twin combat league. We do go low sometimes but if you can't go low or do some of the positions that we have, we can work around with the stage and make it so that you can shoot it along with everyone else!


Thanks Troy,

I might come and watch on Thursday to get a heads up and the action.


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