Precision Rifle Course

ttgc lr facility

    Long range precision shooting is truly the niche here at Trigger Time. Our Training staff has over a century of combined long range and firearm experience ranging from military operations in austere locations to hunting and world class competition. We are extremely proud to present this skill craft, science and love of "smacking steel" at over 1500 yards to our members and customers.

    In July 2012, TTGC unveiled its first ever long range courses and we are proud to present this world class training right here in the Metro/Northern Colorado area.

     Our lead instructor is Frank Galli, a former USMC Scout Sniper/instructor, private and freelance instructor for LEO and MIL. agencies and owner/operator of Sniper's Hide LLC. Our classes were made in collaboration with Frank, Paul Gonzales Jr. and Zach Yarrow the owner and General Manager of Trigger Time who are both esteemed competitive long range shooters. 

    Our classes are unique because we provide the full experience and total package. Our indoor facility enables us to give students true 100 yard zeros in climate controlled conditions which gets the best possible zeros. We also chronograph all of our students velocities and compute those in real time to proper DOPES.

    We employ a suite of technology which makes precise and scientific benchmarks to ensure the student and instructor is at the top of his or her game. We use highly advanced range finders, ballistic computers and weather machines to enhance capability and range. However, if you are old school and want to do it all by hand, we will teach that too. 

   We pride ourselves on only offering the best equipment on the market. We stock and rent rifles to include: Highly accurized Remington 700's, Desert Tactical Arms, Accuracy International and Custom build-up's made right here in Central Colorado. We top off our rifles with Premier, Schmidt & Bender, Nightforce and Steiner scopes.

 We currently have two long range courses:

Precision Rifle Course - The course subjects shooters to outdoor conditions at ranges exceeding 800 yards. This course gives students the basic knowledge needed to take accurate long range shots and should be considered your first step in our training package.

Hunters Precision Rifle Course (Coming Soon) - This Course is tailored to Big Game and Varmint hunters who need to add skill and range to there long gun tool box. This class is a fantastic idea for anyone preparing for a season outing or wants to become a masterful hunter.

Course Overview:

Significant time is spent in the science and theory of:

  • Proper equipment set up and considerations.
  • Ballistics
  • Ammunition
  • Wind
  • Climate
  • Weather
  • Elevation
  • Data keeping 
  • Proper zeros
  • Usage of DOPE (Data of Previous Engagement)


Taking our PRC or (Beginning) course, students will be confident to take shots with there accurized rifle up to and exceeding 1000 yards. You will also be able to read wind, atmospheric conditions and use proper DOPE calls for those engagements.

Several of our students who have not shot long range until our class are already able to engage targets exceeding 1400 yards consistently. 

In the near future we will be releasing other more advanced courses which will give students the ability to shoot out to ranges exceeding 1500 yards while using unorthodox positions and induced stress, specifically designed for competition. 


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