Our club features two gun ranges with some of the most advanced features offered today. We are also the only gun club in the state of Colorado to feature an indoor 100-yard rifle range.

Both of our ranges (the 25-yard Handgun and 100-yard Rifle) are very similar in many ways. They each have their own state-of-the-art air handling system. Both ranges utilize the same rifle-rated bullet trap design. Our two ranges are also acoustically engineered to reduce their reverberation time making prolonged sessions much more comfortable.


Here's a closer look at what sets Trigger Time's gun ranges apart:

First, the air handling system.  This system filters the air as it leaves the range and when the system is reusing the air there is a second set of filters before the air returns to the shooting deck. The air handler can change the amount of air is sends outside and how much is reused depending on the number of shooters on the range deck at any certain time. The more shooters on the range the more air is filtered and then sent outside and the more fresh air is brought in. This is a very nice feature to have, during certain times we can recycle up to 80% of the air in the range saving on heating and air conditioning. Saving on energy helps make Trigger Time Gun Club a greener facility by using less natural gas and electricity.


Secondly, the bullet traps used for this facility are Savage Snail Traps built by Savage Arms. The Savage Snail Trap uses a low 12 degree slope of AR-500 steel leading up to the deceleration chamber, which reduces the chance of a ricochet as well as decreasing the amount of energy directly absorbed by the trap when the bullet strikes it. This low angle also helps the bullet stay intact when it strikes the steel surface. The lower angle of the trap has a water and oil mixture running over its surface; this mixture is designed to catch the lead dust that is created when the bullet strikes the steel trap. By catching the lead dust in this mixture the air stays cleaner and much safer to all of the participants that come to our range. These bullets traps are made of AR-500 steel, which is hardened steel that can resist any rifle caliber under 8100 Foot Pounds of Pressure at the muzzle. This allows the traps to accommodate a wide variety of firearms to be shot at the range. Once the bullet has been shot and has entered the trap, it follows the angle up into the deceleration chamber. The deceleration chamber is where the bullet spins around in a closed tube (the snail part of the trap) until it runs out of energy and falls onto a collection grate where it is collected and recycled.

Aditionally, the target carriers that we have installed are a new design that are capable of many different functions to enhance the shooting experience of everyone that uses them. The target carriers are slightly different for each range because of the abilities the carriers must have for different types of shooting. The pistol target carriers are much more interactive than the rifle, as they need to be able to provide a variety of different shooting scenarios. All of the target carriers are made of angled Ar-500 steel to keep them working for many years. Each individual lane has a control box that control only the target on that lane. Each carrier is a radio controled robot that will move back and forth on the rail as the user needs.

Finally, we have gone to great lengths to shorten the reverberation time in our ranges. To accomplish this we hired a sound engineer to design a system of accoustical material placements specifically for our facility.  This includes insulation on the walls and ceiling along with a specially desiged accustical isolation that keeps a majority of the sound out of the retail area, lounge and classroom.

Here at Trigger Time Gun Club we have tried to provide the best shooting enviroment that we can. With the equipment used here we have one of the safest, cleanest and most user friendly shooting ranges in the state.