25 Yard Handgun Range

The 25 yard range has eleven lanes with user-controlled target carriers. The target carriers can stop between 3 yards and 25 yards by tenth-of-a-yard increments. Our target carriers also have the ability to turn to simulate a variety of situational shooting scenarios.

The target carriers that we have installed are a new design capable of many different functions. Each of the carriers are made of angled Ar-500 steel to keep them working for many years. Every individual lane has its own control box to manipulate the radio-controlled robot which can rotate the target in addition to moving it forward or backward.

Our pistol range also features low-light capabilities allowing us to simulate various visibility conditions and combat situations.  To do this the pistol deck is split into two ranges. We can have classes and leagues down range on one part of the range and leave the other open for regular shooting. The eleven lane are split into a seven lane side and a four lane side (shown below). The shooting portion of the classes that we provide will be in the four lane side.

The seven lane side of the pistol deck is for handguns only.

On the four lane side of the pistol deck members can shoot rifles and shotguns (slugs only) at a distance less than 25yds.

 As with the rest of the facility, all glass is bullet proof and the walls have been acoustically designed to dampen noise throughout the building.