100 Yard Rifle Range

The rifle range is one hundred yards long, fully indoors and out of the elements. The target carriers on lanes 2-6 stop at four different distances 25, 50, 75 and 100 yards. The other two lanes (1 and 7) only stop the full one hundred yard mark. The carriers can run the entire 100 yards in roughly a minute and a half. The rifle range has sturdy benchs which are 2 inch plywood covered with a non-slick surface and then mounted to a 4 inch tub frame. We have a few different seats ranging from metal adjustible height stools to chairs with casters. Each shooting station has a spoting scope.

The target carriers that we have installed are a new design capable of many different functions. Each of the carriers are made of angled Ar-500 steel to keep them working for many years. Every individual lane has its own control box to manipulate the radio-controlled robot which moves the target forward or backward.

As with the rest of the facility, all glass is bullet proof and the walls have been acoustically designed to dampen noise throughout the building.